Are you a Trusted Investment Broker, Do you have experience in Online Investment? Do you know how to Buy or Sell Bitcoin / Etherium? We are accepting application for Investment Brokers in your country, to join our Investment Broker team worldwide.
Can you assist a member in your Country manage their Investment Portfolio? You will earn 5% of the total Investment of each of your Members, you will also get Free $2 upon Activating your account as a Broker

How it Works

We only accept Investment Deposit or Earning Withdrawal via Bitcoin / Etherium Wallet, a member who don't know how to use the Internet, Manage Bitcoin / Etherium wallet, invest or withdraw via Bitcoin / Etherium address, you will automatically become their investment broker and assist them to Pay for investment using your Bitcoin / Etherium wallet or Withdraw their earning by helping them to sell Bitcoin / Etherium earnings to available Bitcoin / Etherium Merchants on Platronet or Bitcoin / Etherium Merchants outside Platronet.

Members Contact you for Investment

Once a member chose you as their broker, anytime they want to invest, they will contact and pay you in your local currency amount equivalent of the Bitcoin / Etherium amount they want to Invest plus 2% of the total amount of deposit, either by Cash, Bank deposit, Bank transfer or any Payment method you both agreed on.
You will send the investment amount of member in Bitcoin / Etherium to Platronet Bitcoin / Etherium Wallet immediately after Payment from member, Platronet Bitcoin / Etherium address is displayed on your Dashboard once you Activate your account as an Investment Broker.

Members Contact you for Withdrawal

Once a member chose you as their broker, anytime they request for Withdrawal of their earnings, they will contact you of the expected amount of payment from Platronet, we will send the Payment to your Bitcoin / Etherium Wallet, you are expected to Pay your member the Local currency equivalent of the Bitcoin / Etherium we sent to your wallet, either by Cash, Bank deposit, Bank Transfer or any Payment method you both agree

Fraudulent or Scam Investment Broker are not accepted or you will be blacklisted and banned from Platronet Investment Brokers system

Earn $2 for Upgrading as an Investment Broker

Upgrade your account as our Investment Broker and earn $2 instantly in your Bonus wallet

HOW TO APPLY: Register as a member here, once you are Registered, Login to your account and click on BECOME A BROKER button in your Dashboard, you will automatically be upgraded as Platronet Investment Broker, make sure you click on My Page and Edit Profile to Update your Bitcoin / Etherium Wallet Address, without this we will terminate your account as a Broker

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